Starting a business with ZUSTTRY is so easy. Zusttry gives you that with minimal investment. You must have a capital of ₹10000 anywhere in India to have the opportunity to start a wholesale business. Company security is the amount the partner will work under the legal entity so 100%=secured company assures that any partner can earn more than 50000 per month after working continuously for 1 year

Become a partner

Term & Condition

Zusttry is a company that helps businesses of all sizes find the right partners for their growth and provides a platform that helps businesses find the right partners, build relationships and build successful partnerships. Zusttry helps businesses manage their partnerships. do and also provide resources and tools to help them maximize their success

✓ To become a partner it is mandatory to have a minimum capital of ₹10000
✓ After becoming a partner, you will get participation in the same company in which you have invested.
✓ After becoming a partner, if any person is found doing wrong activities with the company, then he will be thrown out of the company and all his amount will be confiscated.
✓Important points for the investor The money invested by the investor will be returned in 5 years 10% in 1st year 15% in 2nd year 20% in 3rd year 25% in 4th year 30% in 5th year complete 100 % investment will be returned and 2% share of company’s turnover will be given every year for 5 years After 5 years 2% share of company’s profit will be given for lifetime

  1. 3 different ways to become a partner

1 First by investing directly in the project

2)By building a distribution network with the company

3 By taking distributorship of any product of the company
A minimum capital of ₹10000 is required to start the business.

The same person is valid for salary and reward, who will make his group according to the time.

  • Five Professional leval

1)  Distributor
2) Master Distributor
3) Franchise
4) Master Franchise


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